For the next game this week, I’m leaning towards Epic Severius, who doesn’t love a caster that stands on the backs of people to make sure he can see the battle field?

I’ve only played him one other time and it was using MKI rules in a tournament. I was in a major time crunch with the time limits so couldn’t plan out his feat turn properly. So hopefully this time I can take my time with his feat and get some fun out of it (if all works out).

For the list I am looking at:



Blessing of Vengeance

Avatar of Menoth (Haven’t used him in MKII yet)





Zealots w/ MB

Temple Flameguard w/ UA




The Vassal should be able to keep my arc node free. I still like the Zealots, they are great for blocking a charge with Greater Destiny and with the Covenant around, even if they get slammed, they won’t get knocked down. The Vengers should be able to run out to take care of any stealth/advanced deploy issues that I am up again.

Should be able to get Sevy played in the next couple days/