Sunburst Delivers…. Gerlak Slaughterborn, not fun

December 14, 2009

I got 2 games in today and with MKII rules up I needed to get the Deliverer Sunburst into play. My opponent was playing Cryx ran by the Witch Coven. The time before I played against them with Epic Sevy, but he just couldn’t get enough damage out to take them down. This time armed with my Sunburst, it worked out a little better, although just barely.

I have to remember that Gerlak is not much fun to play against whilst he is still alive. He pretty much took out all of my Daughters and a full unit of Temple Flameguard. I ended up being left with Feora, Rhoven (dead bodyguards) and a Sunburst. The Sunburst managed to get off a POW 16, 4″ AOE onto the Egrogore which dealt some nice damage all around, along with the AOE onto all 3 witches. And then Feora walked up and roasted them with double flame-throwers. I’ve decided Rhoven is best suited being near a caster/ranged weapon in order to use the stealth nullify special ability, especially with his 10″ CMD, you can leave the bodyguards forward quite a bit.

Cryx is a tricky faction for me to play against, I need to work on learning some of the specials and moves. Somewhere along the game, Nightmare managed to trample with obscene speed with a high MAT, something I mis-judged and shouldn’t have. So time to start reading some stat cards!

The other game played, I used Epic Kreoss and was playing against a jack heavy Amon list. It was a 50 point game and I had a lot of infantry down on the table (Bastions, Flameguard, Errants, Daughters, Gravus), basically a lot of melee attacks for when feat turn came to get those auto-hits. In the last game models were being taken out all over the place on both sides. For this game it was much more difficult to do that playing against jacks.  On the final turn a Castigator was blocking a charge lane for my Bastions so Kreoss charged the Castigator and scraped it with the help from the feat. My two remaining Daughters of the Flame that were in the back field by the enemy moved over to Amon to take there 3 hits each and then a Bastion moved in with the charge on Amon to end the game.

Amon was hiding behind 2 jacks at the time of the attack, if the jacks had been in base to base I wouldn’t have been able to get the attacks off and I would have had a tough time breaking through the rest of the jacks armor.

I’m set up to play a 50 point game this week against Khador, now I have to decide which caster to play. Suggestions welcome 🙂


2 Responses to “Sunburst Delivers…. Gerlak Slaughterborn, not fun”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Nice job! I need to face you via Vassal sometime sir.

  2. Norbert Brunhuber Says:

    Bring something gimpy so I don’t have to think that hard. 😛

    And this imagry of “roasting” is disturbing. You Menoth players get too into the whole fire thing.


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