Harbinger surives first 50pt game

November 17, 2009

The results are in. The Harbinger did pretty well for herself with the list that was previously posted. I was up against another Menoth army which didn’t have much in the way of ranged attacks, so I found Gorman’s smoke clouds to be uneventful.

The Daughters took the MVU (most valuable unit) award for single handedly taking apart a full unit of Zealots and a unit of Knights Exemplars.

I started the game pretty bunched together and moved everyone forward. Second turn I kept advancing towards the enemy and popped the Harbinger’s feat basically preventing any of my units from being charged by other units that would take a POW 14 damage roll. This allowed me to set up the charge on my turn to break down the enemies defenses.

The Revenger stayed back a little bit as I did not want it to get engaged which would have prevented the arcing. The Reckoner ran up to tie up a couple heavy jacks from the other player for the entire game.

The main spells the Harbinger used were Crusader’s call to give everyone an extra 2″ of charge and the Daughters used Guided Hand to make sure there initial attacks hit their targets.

Between the Daughters, Bastions and the Reckoner, they secured the win.

It was interesting using the Harbinger for the first time, the 20″ control range is awesome! I never got around to using Martyrdom though.


One Response to “Harbinger surives first 50pt game”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Grats on the Win! I have yet to face the Harbinger and I really want to.

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