I got 2 games in today and with MKII rules up I needed to get the Deliverer Sunburst into play. My opponent was playing Cryx ran by the Witch Coven. The time before I played against them with Epic Sevy, but he just couldn’t get enough damage out to take them down. This time armed with my Sunburst, it worked out a little better, although just barely.

I have to remember that Gerlak is not much fun to play against whilst he is still alive. He pretty much took out all of my Daughters and a full unit of Temple Flameguard. I ended up being left with Feora, Rhoven (dead bodyguards) and a Sunburst. The Sunburst managed to get off a POW 16, 4″ AOE onto the Egrogore which dealt some nice damage all around, along with the AOE onto all 3 witches. And then Feora walked up and roasted them with double flame-throwers. I’ve decided Rhoven is best suited being near a caster/ranged weapon in order to use the stealth nullify special ability, especially with his 10″ CMD, you can leave the bodyguards forward quite a bit.

Cryx is a tricky faction for me to play against, I need to work on learning some of the specials and moves. Somewhere along the game, Nightmare managed to trample with obscene speed with a high MAT, something I mis-judged and shouldn’t have. So time to start reading some stat cards!

The other game played, I used Epic Kreoss and was playing against a jack heavy Amon list. It was a 50 point game and I had a lot of infantry down on the table (Bastions, Flameguard, Errants, Daughters, Gravus), basically a lot of melee attacks for when feat turn came to get those auto-hits. In the last game models were being taken out all over the place on both sides. For this game it was much more difficult to do that playing against jacks.  On the final turn a Castigator was blocking a charge lane for my Bastions so Kreoss charged the Castigator and scraped it with the help from the feat. My two remaining Daughters of the Flame that were in the back field by the enemy moved over to Amon to take there 3 hits each and then a Bastion moved in with the charge on Amon to end the game.

Amon was hiding behind 2 jacks at the time of the attack, if the jacks had been in base to base I wouldn’t have been able to get the attacks off and I would have had a tough time breaking through the rest of the jacks armor.

I’m set up to play a 50 point game this week against Khador, now I have to decide which caster to play. Suggestions welcome 🙂


Vassal attempt 2!

November 30, 2009

I had a couple hours spare to try out Vassal again. I tried a battle box game a few weeks ago, but this time wanted to try something a little bigger and managed to get a 25 point game in.

I played the Harbinger with a Crusader, Reckoner, Daughters, Choir and Bastions. I was up against a Merc army with Magnus, 2 Renegades (which are highly annoying when their once per game AOE’s hit you), Mangler, Kell & Idrians.

The Idrians first moved up towards me and shot up the Daughters but with a Martyrdom here and there, I only lost 1 Daughter. I figured there was plenty of time to use the focus to heal myself before I started needing it badly.  At first I was scared about the Idrians, but then remembered this is MK II and I managed to actually move my Daughters in to wipe out over half of them. Auto point of damage is very useful. The downside to this was I had bunched up the Daughters a little too closely and the Mangler came in the next turn and with his thresher attack took out all but one of my Daughters.

Kell was being highly annoying so my only option at the time was to run my Crusader up into melee with him while the Reckoner tried to keep a handle on the Marnier…. It didn’t work according to plan as the Mangler wrecked the Reckoner next turn…..

After spending 2 turns getting the Crusader up to Kell and then getting a 3D6 P&S 18 on him for the overkill, it was time to run the Crusader back into battle. The Idrians were persistent in shooting holes in the Bastions and I didn’t want to use up the Bastions to engage the Idrians when I needed them to attack the Marnier and Renegades.

So I ran the choir up to engage the Idrians, that took care of that problem 🙂

The Renegades took their ranged shots and killed a Bastion and knocked down another one. Then on my turn I moved them up as much as I could and attacked with the ones that I could wrecking the Mangler. The Crusader was now in the back arcs of all his jacks which allowed me to charge Magnus without threat of becoming engaged. I got a good hit off which left Magnus with 5 health. It was now up to Harby to finish the task. I charged one of my own Choir, with the auto-hit the poor acolyte never saw it coming. Next up was Cataclysm, it was just going to be a power 18 as I was just under 3″ away from Magnus (He had 6 focus on him) but with the boosted roll I managed to get exactly enough to put 5 points of damage on Magnus ending the game.

Vassal seems to work great for games online, the only two issues I had were that it was hard to very fine tune the turning of a model to set up the charge, when I turned to face a model it was either too much or not enough, so had to work around that problem by measuring and then just moving the model. And the other issue I had was with the ruler, I just can’t seem to figure it out, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Much prefer a real tape measure!



For the next game this week, I’m leaning towards Epic Severius, who doesn’t love a caster that stands on the backs of people to make sure he can see the battle field?

I’ve only played him one other time and it was using MKI rules in a tournament. I was in a major time crunch with the time limits so couldn’t plan out his feat turn properly. So hopefully this time I can take my time with his feat and get some fun out of it (if all works out).

For the list I am looking at:



Blessing of Vengeance

Avatar of Menoth (Haven’t used him in MKII yet)





Zealots w/ MB

Temple Flameguard w/ UA




The Vassal should be able to keep my arc node free. I still like the Zealots, they are great for blocking a charge with Greater Destiny and with the Covenant around, even if they get slammed, they won’t get knocked down. The Vengers should be able to run out to take care of any stealth/advanced deploy issues that I am up again.

Should be able to get Sevy played in the next couple days/


The results are in. The Harbinger did pretty well for herself with the list that was previously posted. I was up against another Menoth army which didn’t have much in the way of ranged attacks, so I found Gorman’s smoke clouds to be uneventful.

The Daughters took the MVU (most valuable unit) award for single handedly taking apart a full unit of Zealots and a unit of Knights Exemplars.

I started the game pretty bunched together and moved everyone forward. Second turn I kept advancing towards the enemy and popped the Harbinger’s feat basically preventing any of my units from being charged by other units that would take a POW 14 damage roll. This allowed me to set up the charge on my turn to break down the enemies defenses.

The Revenger stayed back a little bit as I did not want it to get engaged which would have prevented the arcing. The Reckoner ran up to tie up a couple heavy jacks from the other player for the entire game.

The main spells the Harbinger used were Crusader’s call to give everyone an extra 2″ of charge and the Daughters used Guided Hand to make sure there initial attacks hit their targets.

Between the Daughters, Bastions and the Reckoner, they secured the win.

It was interesting using the Harbinger for the first time, the 20″ control range is awesome! I never got around to using Martyrdom though.

First Harbinger List

November 13, 2009

I’ve finally got the Harbinger somewhat together, the sheets are attached to her and she is free standing on the base. No clue if everything is lined up correctly, so it should make it interesting for when the chains get attached and the acolytes are put in place.  I was looking to take her out for a test run at 50 points and came up with this list:




Choir (4)

Daughters of the Flame

Bastions (5)

Errants (10)

Holy Zealots (6) + MB

Vengers (3)



I figured with the big jack and Vengers I could keep the Harbinger out of harms way and had Gorman there to toss smoke in front of her if needed. I had 1 arc node for arcing rebuke against pesky jacks and units. The plan is to try to move everyone up and then have the Harbinger use her feat so my group wont get swamped, and then next turn try to take out as many enemies as possible.
Will have to see how this works out!

Harbinger of Menoth -5
Revenger 6
Reckoner 8
Choir of Menoth (4/6) 2
Holy Zealots (6/10) 4
Monolith Bearer (undefined 2
Daughters of the Flame (6) 5
Exemplar Bastions (3/5) 8
Exemplar Errants (6/10) 8
Exemplar Vengers (3/5) 7
Gorman Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist 2
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios 3